Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Hamburg-Stop frontex in the Mediteranean and Solidarity greetings to the 300 hungerstrikers in Greece

Hamburg Altona in the afternoon of the 3.3.11 an aktion takes place together with an excibition TRACES from LESVOS , showing migrants enclosed summer 2009 in Pagani,Lesvos and now having arived in different countries in europe.

solidarity to the arabic world and stop frontex HERMES in the mediteranean seas

many where there who have own stories with ariving in greece and who now send their solidar greetings to the 300 wishing them strength and power to arive to their goal.

this kid will be able to say later : i was against the european policies from the begining  and we give it the photo proof
friends from serbia and france greeting in solidarity.

Stop HERMES so that evreryone can arive safely!
no war against refugees in the mediteranean seas!
 we call for no borders ! and freedom of movement for all!
migration is no criminal act but a reality!

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