Mittwoch, 9. März 2011

The Hungerstrike is finnished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! solidarity!

As it has just been announced, the hunger strike of the 300 migrant hunger strikers has just ended, following some key government concessions in meeting their demands. As it has been agreed:
- the time limit for application for permanent residence in the country is now dropped to eight years (down from twelve).
- work credit (ensima) are disconnected from the application for permanent residence.
- all three-hundred migrant hunger strikers will be allowed to apply for 6-month rolling permits until the reach the 8-year limit in order to gain permanent residence.
This is a huge victory on the side of the hunger strikers who now see the road paved for tens of thousands of people to be able to live in the country without the fear of being undocumented.

The vindication of the 300 migrants hunger strikers is a hope for the whole society

Μαρτίου 9, 2011
Today’s government’s decision to meet part of the demands of the 300 migrants on hunger strike proves that the only lost struggle is the one that is not led. It also showed to all the
working people that the government of the E.U., I.M.F. and European Bank Memorandum is not invincible. The rigid militant spirit and broad social solidarity can bring tangible results.
It is obvious that it will take a long and hard struggle for lifting the Apartheid against foreign workers living in Greece and Europe. However, there should be no doubt
that the dedication of the 300 opened a new path of hope.
We would like to thank all those (and there were many …) that have supported this difficult struggle from the first days in the Law School until the hospitals. Thus, above all, we would like to respectfully welcome the 300 fighters of who the entire working class can be proud.
Solidarity Initiative to the 300
migrants on hunger strike

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