Dienstag, 1. März 2011

55 hungerstrikers now in hospital!

their health situation is in danger.
and every hour more are transported to hospitals.Also Elktif on the video of the posting before, started today not to drink water anymore.

solidarity from the jungle of igoumenitsa

here the call from the 5 th day of strike:

We 300 hunger striking immigrants, who are asking for the legalization of all immigrants living and working in Greece, state the following:

-We 300 have taken this means of struggle without the mediation of Parties, organizations or individuals.

-We consider the country in which we live as having democracy, and that it must respect human rights and international accords.

-We are committed to continuing the hunger strike despite the pressures and bad conditions of the site that we are obliged to accept. 

- We call upon all freethinking people both in Greece and the international community to stand in solidarity with our just struggle to live with dignity.

January 29, 2011
5th day of the hunger strike

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