Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Noted Afghans residing in Athens City capital of Greece To United Nations High Commissioner in Greece

Noted Afghans residing in Athens City capital of Greece
To United Nations High Commissioner in Greece

First Hello and respect,
Secondly, as you are aware that many of the Afghan people so numerous factors such as lack of safety, lack of educational opportunities through our different levels of educational for our children, unemployment and lack of income, the existence
of local hostility, lack of penetration in the country and entity law, suicide activities,Terrorist, hostage are the reservation of the people whom left their country. dozens of other crimes are being forced these people to leave their country and being reached to Greece land.

We had hopes that one of our wounds are being healed by arriving to Greece land. But unfortunitly we have faced with more and more problems by arriving to Grecce. for example; economic poverty, no result from long-term residence, rent of
houses, everyday costs of expences with exorbitant costs, the absence of definitive results in revenue without shelter, sleeping to the Parks and thousands of other problems. Unfortunitly, we will soon all refugees will be addicted to the above
mentioned problems. the other problem and serious threat from the Albanian Community in Athens, specially against the Afghans and even those that series of events led to several murders and wounding dozens of Afghans.

The future fate of refugees are not clear that even some people got mental problems. While the majority of immigrants in terms of linear time
deadline was not sufficient that caused public confusion. In such cases, any features that the law passes there, the people in general has deadlock. since the government of Afghanistan has no political representative in Greece, the only way to
solve the problems of Afghans is to deliver the petition letter to honourable UN Office which is named as a house of all

we are respectly requesting the relevant organizations to have in view of decision 1954 and 1965 letters regarding convention appropriate action to solve our problems and stated the Afghan refugees. it is being requested from the relevant
organization that Afghans are also in the ring of the UNHCR that should pay special attention on them. In order to respect public orders and prevent possible harass to take care of big demonstration of Afghan refugees, they have signed this petition letter and accepted the following names as representatives of all Afghans based in Athen city.

Abdul khaliq Zandi, Qasim Ali Yousufi, Najebullah Niamati, Ahmad Qasemi and Farshid Haidari.

Hopes that the relevent Organization with understanding the higher authorities of European countries, Greece and vulnerable countries which are accepting refugee immigrants should prioratize the refugee of Greece.

with best regards

Afghan refugee people in Athens
Approved and sighned by all Afghan people

Date: 15/11/2010
the above request letter has been sent to UNHCR based in Athens, but UN has given negative answere that their hands are tight and they can not do any thing. thousands of Afghans are being beaten by Albanian and Fashest people infront of Greece police, but the government of Greece is not controling them.......... where is the human rights?

hope this information should be broadcosted. thanks