Freitag, 11. März 2011

The hunger strike of the three-hundred migrant workers has ended. The struggle for a world of equality, solidarity and freedom continues – GREVA E URISË E 300 EMIGRANTËVE PUNËTORË PËRFUNDOJ. LUFTA PËR NJË JETË ME BARAZI, SOLIDARITET DHE LIRI VAZHDONالإضراب عن الطعام من ٣٠٠ العمال المهاجرين فرغ النضال لعالم حرا وسويا مستمر

Μαρτίου 10, 2011

On January 25th, 2011 three-hundred migrants in Athens and Thessaloniki commenced a fierce hunger strike, claiming the most basic things: equal rights with the local workers and the legalization of all migrants living, working and moving across the country.
44 days later and after more than 100 strikers were hospitalized with serious health issues, the state was forced to drop its intransigent attitude along with previous threats of deportation of the strikers and to negotiate officially with them, meeting a significant part of their demands:

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