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300: A brief chronicle of the hunger strike, through the texts of the hunger strikers and the solidarity initiatives in Athens and Thessaloniki

The 300 hunger strikers begin their hunger strike in Athens and Thessaloniki (25 JANUARY 2011) and formulate their demands: REGULARIZATION and EQUAL RIGHTS for ALL IMMIGRANTS LIVING AND WORKING HERE
People in solidarity respond with an analysis of the recent crisis and explain why it is essential to support the migrants' demands:

What the hunger strikers said when the government wanted to change the location of the strike (an empty University building) after the strike had already started (27 January): 
THE GREEK STATE TORTURES HUNGER STRIKERS, explains the Solidarity Initiative (27 January) after a series
of meaningless negotiations with the government and false promises that they will be relocated somewhere better:

Despite the hardships, the hunger strikers declare that they are determined to continue (29 January):

Intellectuals (Noam Chomsky, Emmanuel Wallerstein, Eduardo Galeano, Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou, Naomi Klein), immigrants' and worker organizations from all over the world express their solidarity with the hunger strikers:

The hunger strikers' specific demands (21 February)

Meanwhile their health is deteriorating (22 February)  The government, through Minister Ragoussis, repeats its position that "there will be no regularisations" and the Solidarity Initiative with the strikers respond:
The hunger strikers' health is in danger:
The hunger strike has been going on for 40 days now and the clock is ticking.  (PRESS RELEASE MARCH 5, 2011)
It is high time the hunger strikers' demands were met before it is too late.

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