Mittwoch, 16. Februar 2011

Occupation of the Amnesty International (Greek section) building από Antiauthoritarian Movement of Athens

Today we worked-in the building of Amnesty International considering that they are jointly responsible for the protection and propulsion of human, social and political rights.
The hunger strike of 300 immigrants has reached the 22nd day. This grand fight marks a turning point to the matter of immigration. The immigrants prefix the only means they have, their body and their lives, trying to make visible an existence that dominion has forced to nothingness. They fight for obvious rights of every human. They ask for their legalization and a life with freedom and dignity.
In times of crisis, like the one that we are experiencing today, authority tries to make up enemies and put the blame on them in order to disorientate society from the true causes that create barbarity against society. This way, immigrants are presented as the ones responsible for the suffering of society and so they must disappear in any possible way. Here implies a logic of camps, pogrom in the center of the cities and the wall of Evros. The finalization of exclusion. Of course nobody speaks the truth as far as the real causes that led those people to leave their countries are concerned.
There is an obvious try of the rulers to create opt zones. The only thing left to the authorities is a spread of fear and threat. And this is the common fact that binds us with immigrants in the first place. The steadily growing suppression, the fact that we are reaching a permanent state of exclusion and alert. In this logic, those immigrants fight is a fight for every single one of us, the workers and the society. Facing this straight attack that the regime unleashes, we are in great need of creating spaces of enlarged solidarity.
Victory to the 300 hunger strikers
Legalization of all immigrants
Antiauthoritarian Movement of Athens



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