Samstag, 19. Februar 2011

Demonstration in Athens on the 25 th day of hungerstrike

The signs of exhaustion are now apparent and temporary loss of consciousness is a regular occurrence.
In Athens, one hunger striker fainted in the middle of a Press conference (video). Four hunger strikers are in various hospitals of Athens.
In Thessaloniki, the hunger striker who had been admitted to the Agios Pavlos Hospital on Wednesday night (the third fainting incident in Thessaloniki), has returned today.
All 300 hunger strikers are determined to continue the hunger strike until they win.
Their strength derives from their deep conviction that their demands are just and from their will to live -and to live with dignity.

it is rainig so much water, unfortunately not yet papers. said one of the hungerstrikers .

Last night a solidarity demonstration took place in Athens center and arived at the house in Ipatias street where the hungesrikers could see and hear the solidarity.

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Interview and report on the hungerstrike in german/english



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